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Travel Agent Parking Discounts for DIA at USAirport Parking

USAirport Parking is pleased to offer a Travel Agent Program. Over the years you have been integral to our efforts to help air travelers save time and money at the Largest Off-airport Parking facility in the world. Your support is appreciated.

Beginning immediately upon your enrollment in the Travel Agent Discount Program, we will begin tracking all coupons redeemed through your agency and rewarding you for your efforts as follows:

  • Enroll your agency in the program and we will send you $3-off coupons, electronically or print- all for your clients’ use.
  • Coupons will arrive pre-coded with a bar-code label to track
  • As the coupons are redeemed, we will credit you for each one (it is important to be sure you are handing out current, coded coupons).
  • All agencies that generate client redemptions will be issued 50% off swipe cards for all your employees. These cards will give you a 50% discount upon exiting our Once you get yours, be sure to keep it with you, as no discounts will be given without a valid card or coupon.
  • Please be aware that only one (1) type of discount is allowed per transaction; you decide which you will use for each stay on our lot.
  • All agency activity will be tracked and evaluated quarterly. Agencies with 10 redemptions or more per quarter will keep their 50% discount Agencies with low or no redemption may be dropped from the program.


Enroll your agency today!


Travel Agent discounts are available at USAirport Parking through our Travel Agent Program*. Once an agency is signed- up (using name, address, phone, contact person, email, and the number of agency employees) discount coupons will be mailed and or emailed. That card MUST be presented at check-out to receive the Travel Agent discount rate of 50% off your total stay whether Covered or Uncovered. Sorry, we cannot bill your agency at this time and all parking must be paid for at the exit with cash or credit card.

Please e-mail our marketing department at ( or call us at 303.371.7575 with specific questions.

USAirport Parking provides the travel agency employee with a level of service that’s unsurpassed at an economical parking price. Parking at Denver International Airport doesn’t have to be a hassle! Many of our regular customers used to park in the expensive close-in airport parking garage or economy lots on the theory that “if it’s more expensive, it must be better.” Once they tried USAirport Parking, they realized that our service was fast (surprisingly, the time it takes to drive to the airport, circle the lots or garage, and walk into the airport is no less than the time it takes to park with US and ride our free shuttle bus!), reliable, and convenient, that it had advantages over the more expensive DIA close-in parking, and that they earned perks by parking with us, while they earned nothing parking at the DIA structure.

*- New program rates apply to agency employees from an agency that signs up for this program. Agency may sign up as many agency employees as they like and each will be issued a unique Parking Discount Card. Card must be shown upon exit to receive the current Travel Agent rate (50% discount) off the prevailing daily rates. May not be combined with coupons or other discount offers. Travel agency employees will earn Frequent Parker Program “points” in conjunction with this program. Not valid with monthly or yearly rate programs. Other restrictions may apply. Offer may be withdrawn at any time and USAirport Parking reserves the right to approve and not approve or cancel any agency or applicant. Program subject to cancellation at any time without prior notice. Other restrictions may apply. Continued referrals must be received for travel agents to retain a 50% off discount.