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Monthly / Yearly Prepaid Parking Passes

For our more frequent parker’s, we do offer monthly and yearly prepaid rates. Included in those rates are unlimited exits and entrances for the duration of your prepaid plan. Please note that coupons and other promotions such as our Frequent Parker’s Program cannot be used in conjunction with our monthly/yearly rate plans. 

The USAirport Parking Contract Parking Program allows you to park your vehicle long-term at discounted rates. You can leave your keys with us to allow your friends, family or co-workers to access your vehicle while you’re away. Payment of Monthly & Yearly rate MUST be prepaid, and can be renewed online or over the phone (phone renewal requires authorization via fax or email). If an access card is issued, a $25 fee will be charged each time the card is lost or if the card is not returned. Anyone renewing their pass must keep the dates valid and continuous unless USAirport Parking is notified in advance of non-usage periods (ex: a pass is purchased for March & April and renewal is requested June 1st, the period of May must be paid also). All vehicle parking with a monthly or yearly pass must be parked just west of the office. This will not only help USAirport Parking identify vehicles, but will also ensure you receive the best service (last on, first off). USAirport Parking must be notified online or in writing if vehicle owner wishes to allow other users access to their vehicle. No refunds will be given for any unused time left on a pass.

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