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Previous Frequent Parker Program

This program has been discontinued


USAirport Parking has changed our Frequent Parker Program effective February 2012. The new program will allow customers, who have received a frequent parker card from the cashier, to gain points for each visit. For every parking dollar spent, excluding airport fee, a point will be earned and automatically added to your account. If you park for 7 days and are paying a discounted rate of $9 per day, you will earn 63 points for that stay. A $10 paid day earns you 10 points per day and 70 points for the 7 day stay. Points will be added to your card each time you exit USAirport Parking but the card must be registered on our website before points can be redeemed. The point redemption rate is determined by the daily rate you are paying at the time of redemption. FYI…It is possible to earn and redeem points at different rates by using a coupon or discount.

Point redemption Example: You have parked for several trips and you have accumulated 200 points on your account. On your next trip you decide to use your points and have parked for 3 days at $10 per day = $30. By paying the $10 daily rate, you will redeem 70 points for every free day. You will need to redeem 210 points (70 x3) to pay for the $30 charge. The multiplier is 7 regardless of the rate you are paying. For every 7 days parked you will earn 1 free day.

The system rounds up and down on the half dollar when an odd amount is paid.
Example: Triple A customers get a 15% discount which makes their daily rate $8.50 and earns them 9 points.

The following link will direct you to the registration page: Register Your Frequent Parker Card, or you may visit our homepage and click on the Frequent Parker Card image at the top-left.

Other program highlights:

  • Obtain a card easily by requesting one from the cashier
  • Points earned at each visit are reflected on each receipt
  • Manage your account online by viewing points, adding points from a previous visit with a pin code found on the receipt, request lost receipts and view previous transactions.
  • Lost/Replacement cards can be issued by the cashier but points from the lost card must be transferred with the help of the office via phone, email or in person.
  • No more waiting to fill a punch card. Begin redeeming points for free parking after 7 paid days.

If you need more information regarding our frequent parker club, please email us at or call 303-371-7575.

Older “punch” cards will no longer be punched. The older cards will be honored at their original value ($45) for a fully punched card or $1.50 per punch for incomplete cards. We strongly encourage all customers with these punch cards to use them as soon as possible to avoid a loss of benefits when the old program is terminated.